set [adj1] decided agreed, appointed, arranged, bent, certain, concluded, confirmed, customary, dead set on*, decisive, definite, determined, entrenched, established, firm, fixed, hanging tough*, immovable, intent, inveterate, ironclad, locked in*, obstinate, pat, pigheaded*, prearranged, predetermined, prescribed, regular, resolute, resolved, rigid, rooted, scheduled, set in stone*, settled, solid as a rock*, specified, stated, steadfast, stiff-necked, stipulated, stubborn, unflappable, usual, well-set; concepts 535,542 —Ant. indefinite, undecided, unfixed set [adj2] firm, hardened; inflexible entrenched, fixed, hard and fast, hidebound, immovable, jelled, located, placed, positioned, rigid, settled, sited, situate, situated, solid, stable, stiff, strict, stubborn, unyielding; concept 488 —Ant. flexible, movable, soft, unfixed set [n1] physical bearing address, air, attitude, carriage, comportment, demeanor, deportment, fit, hang, inclination, mien, port, position, posture, presence, turn; concept 757 set [n2] stage setting flats, mise en scène, scene, scenery, setting, stage set; concept 263 set [n3] group, assortment array, assemblage, band, batch, body, bunch, bundle, camp, circle, clan, class, clique, clump, cluster, clutch, collection, company, compendium, coterie, crew, crowd, faction, gaggle, gang, kit, lot, mob, organization, outfit, pack, push, rat pack*, sect, series; concepts 417,432,769 —Ant. individual, single set [v1] position, place affix, aim, anchor, apply, arrange, bestow, cast, deposit, direct, embed, ensconce, establish, fasten, fix, head, insert, install, introduce, lay, level, locate, lock, lodge, make fast, make ready, mount, park, plank, plant, plop, plunk, point, post, prepare, put, rest, seat, settle, situate, spread, station, stick, train, turn, wedge, zero in*; concepts 201,202 —Ant. displace, remove set [v2] decide upon agree upon, allocate, allot, appoint, arrange, assign, conclude, decree, designate, determine, dictate, direct, establish, estimate, fix, fix price, impose, instruct, lay down, make, name, ordain, prescribe, price, rate, regulate, resolve, schedule, settle, specify, stipulate, value; concept 18 set [v3] harden become firm, cake, clot, coagulate, condense, congeal, crystallize, fix, gel, gelate, gelatinize, jell, jellify, jelly, solidify, stiffen, thicken; concept 250 —Ant. liquefy, soften set [v4] decline descend, dip, disappear, drop, go down, sink, subside, vanish; concept 181 —Ant. ascend, go up, rise set [v5] start, incite abet, begin, commence, foment, initiate, instigate, provoke, put in motion, raise, set on*, stir up*, whip up*; concept 221 —Ant. discourage, dissuade, end, finish, halt, hinder

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